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Kelemen  Laura

Laura contacted me to fill her brand new website with her own pictures. One of the cornerstones of self-branding is to minimize stock photos on our pages, be it social media or website. This way we can bring customers/patients closer to us and we will gain much more trust than if you check in with an unknown face. 

Laura deals with meridian diagnostics: Meridian diagnostics was born from the interweaving of centuries-old Chinese medicine and modern technology. One of its most important tools is the EMC electrical measuring instrument. The device's predecessor was used in space exploration, built into astronauts' clothing to remotely monitor their health. You can read more about it at If alternative medicine is close to you or you are just curious about how it works, make an appointment with Laura :) 

If you are also building your own page, but you can't fill it with your own pictures yet, contact me and let's make an appointment! 

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