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Wedding photo+video
Erdélyi Molly & Heltai Eszti

Eszti and I have known each other for more than 10 years and we started working together in the field of image creation in the last 4 years. From company events to friends' gatherings to weddings, the camera was always in our hands and we realized that we have a really great harmony. If you're looking for a photographer + videographer couple who have been working together for years and want to get the most out of weddings, then you've come to the right place! 
Every wedding is equally important to us, and we don't just show up on the big day, but before that we help you put together the schedule and provide you with tips. I want to take the burden off your shoulders! If you choose us, we will make the most of your wedding as a team!


Meet my partner who takes pictures at weddings:

"I got my first camera in 2008 and it immediately made me fall in love with photography. After a few years, a compact camera was no longer enough, so I replaced it with my first DSLR, which started my professional development very quickly.
I started working as an employed photographer. Thanks to this, I met many talented photographers from whom I learned a lot.
Over time, photography became not just a hobby, but a profession and a passion. I am now on my own path, learning and developing. Photography is not just a job for me, it is much more than that.
What I like best about it is that I meet new people every time, every photo shoot is different. No two families, weddings or couples are the same. Countless friendships,  good acquaintances are made during photo shoots." Eszter Heltai 

Gift Box

If you choose a platinum or gold package, you will receive all photos and videos on a pen drive in a wooden gift box.

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CSOMAGJAINK 300.000FT-tól elérhetőek! 

You live it, we capture it!



This is how creative photography works

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