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Mentor Program

For beginners photographers and videographers



I'm Molly, I've been working as a photographer and videographer for 8 years. I am one of those people who already knew when they were children that they wanted to work in image creation, but then it was not that easy at all. So I stood on my heels and completely shaped my path for myself, I tried and experienced everything that is needed for this and since 2021 I have only been dealing with this as an individual entrepreneur. Honestly?! It wasn't easy, but that's exactly why I created this program, to give guidance to photographers who are just spreading their wings and looking for the right path, thus making the first steps easier. 

What is the mentor program and who is it for?

In the past period, you have contacted me several times as a beginner photographer, either by message or e-mail, asking what I would advise you to do to get started. 

I always tried to give an exhaustive answer, but this profession is so diverse that it is impossible to answer this in one e-mail and provide enough information.

So I came up with the idea of creating a mentor program for you, where I really answer everything and can give personalized advice specifically for YOU. 



Which I can help with

I will answer all your questions, completely personalized, just for YOU! 


  • 1.5 hour online consultation

  • My story 

  • Basics of photography 

  • Choice of camera and lens 

  • I will answer all your questions 

  • Social media funds

  • What editing programs do you use 

HUF 27,000 

(With this package, it is possible to have a small group consultation, so if several people have applied, the consultation fee: HUF 15,000/person) 


  • 3-hour online consultation

  • Everything that is part of the MINI package 

  • + Analysis of your portfolio 

  • Photoshop and Lightroom basics 

HUF 45,000 


  • 4-hour personal consultation including photography 

  • Everything that is part of the MIDI package 

  • + we will take photos together on a topic of your choice and then we will post-process the images together

HUF 75,000 


I want to work with you! 

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